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Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367 Free

Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367

Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367: Your Complete Data Protection Solution

Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367 Introduction

Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367 Data is the lifeblood of modern computing, and guaranteeing its safety and security is of critical importance. Unexpected hardware failures, software issues, virus assaults, or inadvertent deletions can lead to the loss of valuable data. To secure your files, system, and data integrity, reliable backup and imaging applications are necessary. Among the myriad of backup options available in the market, Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367 stands out as a reliable and complete data protection solution. In this article, we will go into the software’s introduction, description, features, and system requirements to highlight its significance in preserving your digital assets.

Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367 Free
Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367 Free

Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367 Software Overview

Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367 is a premier backup, disk imaging, and cloning software developed for both home users and business experts. Developed by Macrium Software, the application has acquired a reputation for its user-friendly design, powerful capabilities, and trustworthy performance. It empowers users to create precise and efficient backups of their operating systems, apps, files, and partitions, ensuring speedy recovery in case of data loss or system failure.

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Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367 Free

Software Description

With Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367, customers receive access to a vast number of backup and recovery options. The software uses powerful disk-imaging technology, allowing for total system replication, or selective backups, to produce a snapshot of your computer at a certain point in time. This snapshot can then be used to restore the system to a previous state, eliminating the need to reinstall everything from scratch.

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Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367 Free

Macrium Reflect’s user-friendly interface makes the backup and recovery process uncomplicated. Home users may protect their crucial papers, family photos, videos, and personal files without any technological expertise. On the other hand, IT experts and system administrators can exploit its robust features to defend entire networks and servers.

Software Features

1. Full Disk Imaging: Macrium Reflect creates a complete picture of your disk, including the operating system, apps, settings, and data. This enables quick recovery of the entire system in case of a catastrophic breakdown.

2. Incremental and Differential Backups: The software allows users to do incremental or differential backups after the initial full backup. Incremental backups only save changes made since the last backup, decreasing storage space and backup time.

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Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367 Free

3. Rapid Delta Restore (RDR): Macrium Reflect leverages RDR technology to recover data fast by just restoring the incremental changes. This drastically saves downtime during recuperation.

4. File and Folder Backup: those can select to back up certain files or folders, giving flexibility and customization for those who wish to preserve their vital data solely.

5. Backup Scheduling: The software allows users to set up automatic backup schedules, ensuring that data is consistently preserved without manual intervention.

6. Bootable Rescue Media: Macrium Reflect lets users create bootable rescue media, such as USB devices or CDs/DVDs, which can be used to restore the system even when the operating system cannot boot.

7. SSD Trim Support: For users with SSDs (Solid State Drives), Macrium Reflect has built-in TRIM support, which optimises the performance and lifetime of SSDs.

8. Rapid Delta Clone (RDC): With RDC, users can swiftly clone one disk to another, making it an expedient technique for upgrading to a larger drive or shifting to an SSD.

9. Backup Encryption: Macrium Reflect offers AES encryption, guaranteeing that important data remains safe in backup files.

Software System Requirements

Before installing Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367, it’s vital to check your system satisfies the minimal requirements for smooth operation:

– Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit variants)
– Processor: 1 GHz or faster (dual-core suggested for improved performance)
– RAM: 1 GB (2 GB or more recommended for effective operation)
– Hard Disk Space: 350 MB of free space on the system drive – Screen Resolution: 1024×768 or higher resolution display
– Additional Requirements: An active Internet connection for product activation and updates

For advanced capabilities like BitLocker support, SQL and Exchange backup, and Windows PE rescue media production, particular editions of Windows may be required.


In conclusion, Macrium Reflect 8.1.7367 is a robust and versatile data protection solution that ensures your peace of mind by preserving your valuable files and system. With its straightforward interface, comprehensive capabilities, and consistent performance, it caters to both home users and IT professionals seeking an efficient backup and recovery solution. Whether you need to preserve your personal images or secure an entire network, Macrium Reflect acts as a trusted ally against data loss and system failures. So, take charge of your data’s safety and download Macrium Reflect to ensure your digital assets are well-protected for years to come.

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